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Sterilization System(UHT)-

bottle washing machine

Many beverages, especially neutral tea drinks, must receive unique high temperature sterilization so as to achieve the total sterilization effect since they cannot well restrain bacteria from growth. This machine adopts 4-stage heating and cooling Stage 1: indirect heating from 25℃ to 70℃ by steam. Stage 2: heating from 120℃ to 140℃ by hot water. Stage 3: cooling from 140℃ to 90℃ by heat recovery of products. Stage 4: cooling from 90℃ to 45℃ by cooling water. A holding tube that can change timing is also designed to facilitate the switching for different products or different sterilizing conditions. The machine adopts open control system which can easily allow interlinked control with the filler machine or the CIP Unit and the mixing system.