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Are you looking for a liquid beverage packaging machinery supplier and beverage processing machine that you can rely on? Please kindly take some time to stay with us here, learn more about us and you can find out your requirement here.

JIEH HONG MACHINERY CO., LTD. was founded in 1991. However, more than 35-year experience has been built by JIEH HONG designing & manufacturing specialists.

JIEH HONG Group specializes in TURNKEY Solution in the beverage packaging industry. Our filling & packaging equipments are completely customized and equipped with the state-of-the-art bottling technology. Our main products includes filling & packaging for drinkable liquid, like Mineral Water, Juice, Hot Filled Products, Soy Sauce, Carbonated Drinks, Wine, etc.

We always keep innovating up-to-date design of machinery by our sophisticated technology in order to provide our customers with more operating convenience.

We have gained a good reputation in Taiwan due to the high standard of the quality of machinery that we request ourselves. Many famous domestic beverage companies are our customers such as UNI-Present, Wei-Chuan, Wei-Wong, Taiwan Salt industry (Taiyen), Taisun, King-Car, Taiwan Tobacco & Wine Monopoly Bureau and KINMEN KAOLIANG LIQUOR INC., etc. We also export our products worldwide to the countries such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, America, etc. Some famous international beverage companies have been purchasing our Filling &Packaging Machinery continuously such as PepsiCo International, Uni-President, Spritzer, etc. The company of PepsiCo International has placed our machinery as the production lines in the region of the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, India; especially Pepsi India has been continuously ordering our machinery for dozens of sets in these three years which can prove our machinery is worthy of trust because we always insist those principles of function completion, simple structure, and low cost on the maintenance.

The wonderful business relationship between JIEH HONG and our customers has been established by our customized proposals, top-quality machinery and effective after-sales service.

The high quality of our machinery, production efficiency, and the speedy After-Sales Service for our customers are what we always insist on and aim for. beverage processing machine|beverage whole plant equipment